Frederik fortæller - My moped accident

​Frederik fortæller sin historie på engelsk

Af Frederik Lindskov Hansen

A little bit over a year ago I was involved in a moped accident. It was at the evening. Me and some of my friends were going home to a boy who’s called “Freddie” to crash his party. Then about half past ten pm we were going to go. We talked about how to get fast home to Freddie, so we took our mopeds. On the way over to him we made a kind of race. Simon that I was sitting behind was in front of the others. But when we were at the next road where you can turn right or left, he didn’t see the shark teeth. So he didn’t stop. Then suddenly it was all black. 

Simon didn’t stop when we were at the shark teeth, because he didn’t see them and then BAAM. What happened right after was that we got hit by a car with 50/km. What I was told was that Simon got 4-5 meter up in the air, and then fell down the ground. He was passed out about 2 minutes. Now that was Simon. As I got told was that when we got hit by the car my leg brooked just right under my knee. Then I flied 2 times into the windscreen with my head, then I flied 5-6 meters up in the air and at last I landed and I was just lying there on the ground. 

When all of this happened our friends were 1- 2 meters away. It was just the biggest chock for them. They couldn’t do anything else than just walk in circle and just shouting out loudly. People in the houses could hear them and they called the hospital. Because my friends just couldn’t do it, they were in shock. 

Then about 15 minutes after some of my friends called Victors mom, (Victor was my best old friend). When she heard what has happened to me she ran directly home to my house. She just hammered on our door and my parents just thought it was me who just should pee like hell. 

When my mom opened the door she saw Victor’s mom crying, and she told my family what has happened to me. When they heard that, they just ran out the door without locking the door and drove over there. When they came over where it happened they saw me lying on the floor with an ambulance right next to me, and my sister called our dad and said what has happened to me. My mom just ran over there with tears in the whole face. She just wanted to hold on me, but the guy’s from the ambulance had to pull her away because I should be transported in the ambulance.  My mom was sitting right next to me in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. 

It was first when I got in there they called my dad and told him what has happened to me that night. What I got told was that when my dad heard that he just went out to his car and then drove to the hospital. Even that he didn't know if I was dead or alive, he just took the way to the hospital slow speed. It was because he didn't want to be stopped by the officers. 

Then when he had got to the hospital he saw my other family and then they all were crying. Then there were nurses who pulled me in to be operated. When I had been operated I was still alive but my blood press could easy go down or up, so it was very critical. So the first week was so critical. 

It was like that for almost 4 weeks, then it all has got much better and I would be alive. They just did not know how I would be when I would wake up. Then at the 14th of September I got moved to Hvidovre Hospital and it was there I started to wake up. But it wasn't so that I just woke up just like that, and was just as fresh as I am now. No, it started very slowly. For example I started to open my eyes and moved my legs and arms. But just a little bit. 

The 22nd of September my psychologist has been sitting right next to me and asked a question. She said "Frederic what is your father’s name?" I answered: ”arsten". Thereafter she asked: ”what is your mother’s name?" and I answered " iaa". The funny thing about it is that it sounded a little bit like I answered ”Ian". (Ian is the name of the doctor). When I said that my mother was just crying down with tears. But that was really good, because when I could answer right means that I could hear, remember and answer. I think that it is one of the most important things. I mean I could have been a fruit, like Vaugn Esgesen said when I was lying in Rigshospital. 

How I started to train to be standing basic normally was that there came to nurses and stranded me up on a "walking support". Then they for example said that I should throw 3-5 rings and try to get them match into some sticks. I only trained 15-20 minutes a time in the beginning. 

When I started to be more awake I started to train my legs on a kind of bicycle. It wasn't on a normal bicycle. When I did that I should be sitting on my wheelchair and have my legs locked safety on, then I was just wheeling. Even when I wasn't very fresh I just kept on wheeling. I wheeled about 40 kilometers every day. I am really glad that I was training as much. Because training the first 6 months after you have woke up from coma, is the most important time, because it is easiest to get your nerves healing together. If I didn't do so much training I would have been moving much worse than I do now. So I am really gratefully and my family too that I have been training so much. I am so lucky and thrilled that I first actually survived and I have been a better human.
After a while I started to walk a little bit. So when I should go out and pick up my food for example I changed to a walking support instead of a wheelchair. So I could walk, but it wasn’t really fast. You know it was really slowly at the start. That about getting food for example changed a lot. Either it was my parents who where out getting it or it was me either by wheelchair or by the walking support. After I had been eating dinner, my dad and I were basically every day down in the training room for training my legs. 

Then there was one night that I did a little funny but also evil thing. It started with my father pushing my leg it was something that would help my leg. Then suddenly I would give my father a chock. When my dad was pushing my leg I fainted on purpose. Not like it was incontinence, but I closed my eyes and was holding my breath. When my dad saw it he was almost yelling it “Frederic, FREDERIK”. Then my dad would go out to get the nurses to help me, but before he did it I was rising myself and said: “dad relax, it was just for fun”. My dad thought it was stupid and a little evil. Because he thought it was seriously, but on the other hand he was actually also a little happy. Because it was good that I still do have a sense of humor. 

Then one day my oldest brother and my dad were out visiting me. My dad would train with me again, but this time he wanted me to try to walk without any kind of walking support. It was slowly but I did it. There was a nurse who saw it, so that nurse said it to the other nurses. So my dad got a bollocking by the nurses. 

In October or November I got that metal out that was sitting through my leg. I think it was about 10 days after the moped accident that I got 4 pieces of metal right through my leg. The reason that I got that was that it would help my leg to heal back. To keep the pain away from my leg, I got a lot of morphine. I think it was Vaughn esgesen who said that in all these years he had been helping people, he had never seen anyone who should have just as much morphine as me. 

It reminded me that I should go to the Rigshospital again. Then all the nurses and doctors said that they did not know how I would be. As they said, I could wake up as a vegetable. 

Now I twist the time a little backward. After I had woke up I was very angry. You know I said the most stupid things. For example I can actually remember one night that my dad where out there visiting me. I was so angry, I talked a lot about committing suicide. I was yelling it and crying about it and suddenly I did a stupid thing. I really hammered my leg into my bed. That was in the start, but my humor was and still is very different. 

Then out there in Hvidovre Hospital there were 2 persons who always could make me in a better mood. Finn and Thomas, for me they were some of the best from out there. I mean they were so kindly and funny but I could also talk about serious things with them. When I visited the hospital again one of the first things I asked about in my old section was “Do you know where Finn and Thomas are?” It’s always good to see these two porters from Hvidovre Hospital, and it’s also good to see some of the nurses. Some of the nurses look damn good. So when I visit Hvidovre Hospital I try to find Ian, Finn, Thomas and then all of the good nurses.
Now all that I told so far is all from the hospitals. So now I am going to tell you about what I am doing now. At the 14 of January I started at  “Geelsgårdsskolen” in Virum. It is a big school for a lot of people with a brain damage or some that just have other problems. My section is a little part of the whole school, called “Børnecenter for Rehabilitering”but me and the other children from my section have all got a brain damage through our life. I mean we were not born with it as some of the others from the school. It is a place where I basically train all that I did in Hvidovre hospital.

 At the 14th of January I started here and the date today is the 1st of December. So in 11 months I have been got much better to talk and physically. I mean I can walk much better now, before I got tired in my leg, I can run and I can talk much better. These two things that I have been happiest about is that I can run and that I doesn’t forget the words so much anymore. I am so grateful that I have been so much better in these last 2 years. 

Ian, all of the nurses, my family and my friends are so glad that after the moped accident I have been training so well and that I have had that kind of spirit in myself for training. Both me and my family are so grateful that I have got so far compared to what the doctors said.
The people out here in this new kind of a school is okay but the most irritating thing is that I am the oldest out here and the next one is 15 years old, you know just about my age. I mean he acts and looks like a 16 years old and I feel fine with him. He’s name is Paw. I have been at his home a couple of times. He lives a long distance from the school; it takes a little bit over an hour for him to drive to the school. 

Now I little bit about what I am going to do after I have finished this school out here in Virum. I have asked for a place in a kind of boarding school at Vejle that’s called “Vejle fjord”. I just got told that on Saturday me, my mom and my dad going to see that school and on Monday they are going to test me to see if I will fit in. So I am really excited to go there. The funny thing is that I already know one person who stays there, and one of my friends has a cousin who also stays there. But now I shall go out there at Saturday to Monday and then I will find out if I am sure to go there. So wish me good luck.​