Information about Blindecenter Bredegaard in English​.

Blindecenter Bredegaard is a sheltered residence and employment workshop centre for visually disabled adults with permanent multiple disabilities. Blindecenter Bredegaard is situated in the scenic landscape of Fredensborg, north of Copenhagen. 

Bredegaard is a sheltered residence for 41 people with visual disabilities and permanent mulitiple disabilities hereof deafblind people as well. The residents live in own apartment in six different groups divided between two interdisciplinary teams.

The sheltered workshops can employ 40 users and include the following workshops: metal, textile, assembly and music and media. In addition, we have an activity centre where the users can enjoy social activities and participate in different sense stimulating activities. 

Our core task is to provide a coherent effort, which support the citizen to live an independent and active life based on own wishes and resources. 

Activities and the physical surroundings, both inside and outside, are organised and designed with consideration of the blind and visually impaired. 

Blindecenter Bredegaard is a self-governing organisation with service agreement with The Social Division, the Capital Region of Denmark. ​

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