Erasmus+ Project

We are currently participating in an european project about interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of rehabilitation of children and youth with acquired brain injury. Four partners from three different european countries collaborates on developing the interdisciplinary platform. The project runs from 2017-2019.

About the project

The project "Interdisciplinary cooperation in rehabilitation of  children and youth with acquired brain injury" aims to offer an interdisciplinary on-line collaborative platform with specific learning tools and content, supporting participants in acquisition of skills in the field of rehabilitation of children and youth with acquired brain injury.

The collaborative platform aims to improve the quality of the inter-disciplinary rehabilitation process – from diagnosis, evaluation and treatment in the field of pediatric neurology, neuro-physiology and neuro-pedagogical rehabilitation. It will do this through formal and informal mentoring processes, e-learning content and IT based social networking.

The project will enhance the training received by rehabilitation professionals by developing an innovative eLearning method that is able to provide them with a range of case studies and an advanced training curriculum. In particular, we intend to develop an e-Learning platform including:

  • an innovative guideline on fundamental rehabilitation protocols
  • an innovative multimedia case studies database and assesment system

The Project Partners

Four partners from hospitals and rehabilitation centers from different European countries collaborates on developing the platform. 

The partners are:

Hôpitaux de Saint-Maurice                                                            Saint_Maurice.jpg

Fondation ILDYS

- France Ildys.png                    

„Dr. Nicolae Robănescu” National Clinic Pediatric Rehabilitation Center

– RomaniaNicolae.png

The EuropeanHouse

– DenmarkDEH.png