For parents

Hjerneskadecenter Virum is a rehabilitation center for children and young persons aged between 0 and 25 who have acquired brain injury caused by head trauma or illness and therefore need specialist, multidisciplinary training and therapy. 

Treatment is designed to match the child's or young person's needs, and often combines training activities for the individual and group activities. The objective of the treatment is to determine the extent of the injury and to help the child regain the skills lost and/or maintain a certain level of functioning. 
The aim of rehabilitation is to allow the child or young person to resume their daily life with the best possible prospects for the future. 

Starting at the center
When you start at the center, you will meet the team who will be in charge of your child's treatment. Your team will typically comprise a neuropsychologist, a special needs teacher, a social educator, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. A member of the team will be your designated contact person. 

In most cases, we will begin with a comprehensive examination of your child where we test their physical, linguistic and cognitive capabilities. The specialists in your team will interview you in your capacity as parents, and you will also be offered consultations with the neuropsychologist if this is deemed relevant.

Opening hours
We open our doors at 8:15 am. The day's first session begins at 8:30 am. We finish at 2:20 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 12:30 pm on Fridays.

Contact the municipality you live in if you need help getting to and from the center, They can offer you transportation assistance, for example via taxi or the municipal transport service for the disabled (flextrafik). 
If your child takes any medication, please inform your contact person about this before your child's treatment begins. Please let us know immediately if your child's medication is changed so we can update our medication files and take any relevant action. 

Breaks and meals
We take short breaks throughout the day when needed. A snack is served mid-morning and lunch is served at midday. All meals and snacks are prepared by our kitchen staff and may consist of hot or cold food. 

Where to keep clothes
Each child has their own locker cubicle where they can keep their coat and extra clothes. Remember to bring comfortable clothes your child can train in as well as indoor shoes. 

Facilities for parents
We have a small apartment for parents that you are free to use. The apartment comprises a kitchenette where you can make tea and coffee, a bathroom, a room for rest and relaxation, and a room where you can work.

If you need to get in touch with the team or they need to get in touch with you, you can do so via our intranet (Børneintra). You can access the Børnintra communication platform from your smartphone or a computer. Parents and young adults aged 18 and above receive a username and password for Børneintra when starting..  

Reporting sickness and holidays
If your child is sick, please let us know via Børneintra or call us on tel. no. 4511 5110 where you can leave a message until 7:45 am. Please inform your contact person if you are a planning a day off outside of our regular holidays. 

You can call our specialists directly on their cell phones or call our main numbers 4511 5110 / 4511 5100 during our opening hours.