Kommunikationscentret Region Hovedstaden is a Center for Communication Disorders, a public organization offering services available to all citizens with a specialized communication need.

Who we are and what we do

At Kommunikationscentret Region Hovedstaden, we can help you with your communication regardless if the challenges are related to hearing, sight, voice and speech, reading and math challenges, brain damage or cognitive problems. Our teams of specialized staff can help tailor a program suited to your specific needs and resources. The purpose is to assist you and limit the consequences of your difficulties, enabling you to communicate and manage challenges in your everyday life and at work. 

We help identify your needs

To best meet your needs, we work closely with you (and relatives, if relevant) to understand the challenges you experience. This can take place at Kommunikationscentret or in your home. You will be asked a series of questions combined with relevant medical information. You might be presented with some relevant tests. This assessment will help us define whether you can benefit from a program at Kommunikationscentret. Based on this assessment, we will write and send a report to your municipality. 

Collaboration with municipality

It is your municipality, who determines whether you are entitled to a program at Kommunikationscentret. It is also your municipality who will pay for your aids (technologic and/or analog) and training.  Kommunikationscentret handles the professional/vocational aspect of your case, on behalf of your municipality. You can contact us directly and we will help you with the application process.

A tailored program

Depending on your needs, you will meet highly specialized consultants from our hearing, sight, speech, brain or reading & math team. If your difficulties are more complex, your program will be coordinated between the relevant teams. Children are received by our Children’s team. The program can consist of specialized training (individual or group based), special counselling and testing different aids or everyday technology. Your family and relatives will be involved to the extend it makes sense, so they can help you adjust

Get in touch

Kommunikationscentret Region Hovedstaden receives citizens from the following municipalities: Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Høje-Taastrup, Albertslund, Gladsaxe, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gentofte, Ballerup, Herlev, Rudersdal, Furesø, Rødovre, Hvidovre, Glostrup, Brøndby and Tårnby.

If you want Kommunikationscentret to assist you with your communication needs, you need to fill in a consent certificate and send it via secure mail. If you need help, call us directly for assistance (look to the right of the page).

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